White Russian

Posted: January 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Cocktails

 I’m not the greatest lover of creamy drinks, but the White Russian is an absolute classic which brings a smile to practically everyone’s face.

The sweet and comforting drink, is easy to make and goes down even easier. As with most cocktails there are lots of variations, but I think the best mixture is to get a cocktail shaker full of ice and pour in 50ml of Baileys Irish Cream, 25ml of Kahlua, 25ml of Vodka and a glug of whole milk.


The original recipe wouldn’t have used Baileys and would have used more vodka and added cream too. Using cream makes the drink a little sickly for my taste, while adding Baileys and a little less vodka will give the drink a softer feel which I think is the whole point.


A great tip is to use flavoured vodkas if you happen to have them in. Premium vodkas infused with coffee, chocolate, toffee or vanilla will work exceptionally well, if you can’t decide add a little of all of them!


Pour the mixture into a large chilled cooler glass, while adding a dusting of chocolate powder to the top is a nice touch. Passing the chocolate dust through a flame, gives a subtle caramelised taste to your first sips and makes a pretty big sparkle too.