Star-buck up your ideas when throwing away cups

Posted: October 2011 Author: Inder Brar Category: Promotional Paper Cups, Cafe Culture, Research

Coffee shops up and down the country have been urged to take action when it comes to their takeaway coffee cups.

According to a Which? study, consumers are confused when facing the difficult task of disposing their takeaway cup efficiently. The issue is resulting in an estimated 2.5 billion cups being thrown away every year.


So what’s the problem? Most of the takeaway cups offered by Coffee shops are only 95% paper. The other 5% is made of polyethylene, a thin layer of plastic surrounding the inside of the cup keeping it free from sogginess and well insulated.


Because of the two polar materials at work, customers are finding it a brain tease when faced with the question, ‘which bin do I put it in?’ The answer being they throw the cup in an ordinary bin and it’s off to the landfill site instead.


As harrowing as this fact might be, the truth is it would be difficult to recycle these cups. Most paper mills in the UK struggle to process paper mixed with other materials in this way. The investigation wouldn’t take this for an excuse and claims more action is required on the part of the coffee retailers to either provide more clarity as to how the cup should be recycled or make the cup so it can be recycled together with cartons for the sake of the environment.


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