Sauce “Hot” promotional mugs

Posted: April 2014 Author: Inder Brar Category: Promotional Ceramic Mugs, Information

Hot sauce emporium mugHot sauce emporium mug

Dr Burnorium from Bristol’s Hot Sauce Emporium recently got in touch, requiring some smoking hot promotional mugs. Many of the doctor’s products are only for the very brave, or possibly the slightly unhinged. The Psycho Juice Mustard Ghost Pepper has been the source of both fear and intrigue in the office. As the Dr advised, this is “a sauce for the purist, sauce for the connoisseur, a sauce for the serious chilli-head”.

  It is particularly delicious on the Psycho Sratchin’s, the Naga Pork Crackling. But be warned, they are a slow burner, once the heat takes hold of you it doesn’t let go easily. Apologies to anyone receiving incoherent E-mails around lunch times; they are an unfortunate by-product of chilli induced visual and auditory hallucinations.

  We are always pleased to hear from quirky businesses with great artwork. I think you’ll agree the Hot Sauce Emporium’s branded mugs are eye-catching and attractive like any promotional product should be. Of course it is not only mugs that are available; don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team of promotional product experts at Gift Selection for a wealth of inventive ideas.