Brain Damage Shooter

Posted: February 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Shooters

Today’s drink of the day is the Brain Damage shooter, not one to sip while you’re enjoying your Sunday lunch, but it doesn’t taste as bad as it looks.


In a chilled branded shooter glass, pour some Archers or any other Peach Schnapps three quarters to the top. Next slowly float some Baileys onto the surface, and pour a couple of drops of grenadine down the middle, so it drags some of the Baileys as it sinks down.


You should be left with a drink that may pleasantly conjure up images of blood spattered brain! As I say the taste isn’t all together disagreeable, but the sensation of curdling milk in your chest might not be everyone’s cup of tea.


If you are a real deviant, you could swap the peach schnapps for something more violent like clear Sambuca or even clear Tequila!