Posted: November 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Shooters, Spirits

By the Dram

Bruichladdich Octomore 02.2 Orpheus   The first nosing of this promising dram, was met with a reflex reaction similar to whiplash, as the first notes were reminiscent of being hit in the face by a fruit tart, drenched in Swan lighter fluid.   After picking myself up from the floor, I donned a pair of safety goggles and bravely dived in. Scents of burning peat bogs and industrial wastelands filled my nostrils, as the deep amber liquid reached my lips.   Smokey, meaty, red… More

Posted: February 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Spirits


Vodka is probably the world’s most popular liquor, and is composed of solely water and ethyl alcohol with possible traces of impurities and a wide variety of flavourings. Vodka can be produced by fermented a wide variety of substance, the most common being: grain, rye, wheat, potatoes and sugar beat.   Vodka is traditionally drunk neat in the vodka belt — Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries. So when you next order some promotional shot glasses from The Mugstore, don’t… More