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Dunk Me

Bronte has unveiled two new biscuits, having taken its inspiration from two of the nation’s favourite biscuits – custard creams and bourbon creams.   Weighing 65g each, its Giant Custard Cream has a crumby biscuit base and top, filled with a creamy custard centre, while the Giant Bourbon Cream has all the features of a traditional bourbon with a full-on chocolaty filling.   Debbie Ballach, marketing manager for Bronte said; “This new format offers consumers something that little bit different. We are… More

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Cake or Biscuit?

Is the ever popular Jaffa cake indeed a cake – or is it a biscuit? Some would say there’s a clue in the name, but you’d never ask for a slice of a Jaffa would you? Rather than just a light hearted semantic puzzle, the definition of the chocolaty treat had real legal implications.     Under UK law, no Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on biscuits and cakes — they are “zero rated”. Chocolate covered biscuits, however, are subject to… More

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New Promotional Confectionary!

Sweets2order has greatly increased its range of promotional confectionary items today, with more changes soon to come. In particular lots of promotional chocolate items have been added, perfect to go along with your cup of tea.   Various chocolate bars and lollies have been added, as well a range of luxury promotional chocolates too. Now you can have branded chocolate in every size from 5g – 100g, as well as larger printed chocolate selection boxes.   They had lots of interest in… More

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Dunking News

Physicist Dr Len Fisher, a honorary research fellow at Bristol University, used a hi-tech Instron stress-tester to calculate the breaking-point of each biscuit. Chocolate digestives won because their coating protected them from the effects of the hot tea.   What happened to scientists looking for a cure for cancer, or revolutionary breakthroughs in engineering – not horsing around with biscuits?   Anyway after much intense research, the chocolate digestive can withstand at least eight seconds in a tea or coffee - and emerge… More

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The Nation Favourite…

Ever wondered what the nation’s favourite biscuit is? Well the results are in and more than nine out of 10 people voted for the Custard Cream. The traditional sandwhich style biscuit (which doesn’t taste of custard?), took a huge 93% of the overall vote.   The humble Custard Cream really takes the biscuit, while the silver medal goes to the bourbon with just over two per cent, and the ginger biscuit limping in third.    More than 7,000 took part in… More

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Promotional Gingerbread Men

  Promotional gingerbread men might not be an obvious choice for a promotional product, or even specifically promotional confectionary, but they are in fact one of sweet2order’s more popular items.   By a clever twist of the icing your promotional gingerbread man, can become a gingerbread bear! Promotional gingerbread men from sweets2order arrive individually cello wrapped, so they will look their best. Obviously you get to choose your icing colour, as well as your choice of wording.   The… More

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Promotional Butter Biscuits

Promotional butter biscuits are the latest biscuit available from What’s great about promotional butter biscuits, is that the individual packaging can be digitally printed, giving a great vibrancy to your brand. Promotional biscuits are the perfect addition to your personalised corporate mug!   All promotional confectionery, including these personalised biscuits are sourced from reputable European suppliers. Some other suppliers may offer cheaper goods which are likely to have come from the Far East, where regulations over confectionary… More