Promotional Bone China Mugs

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Mugs that Become Collector’s Items

Promotional mugs are usually bought with branding in mind to enable a business to raise a reputation and profile while giving customers and employees a treat. They are also ideal for making a profit.. More

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Promotional bone china mugs

The mug was one of the first items used to promote businesses. Companies have been printing their logo and name on mugs for years. Today, they have proven to be just as effective as when they were first introduced as a promotional tool. Bone china mugs are an excellent choice of promotional product for those who want to create a perception of quality, elegance and sophistication around their company. Bone china is considered to be one of the best kinds… More

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Printed Balmoral Mugs

You don’t have to be posh to drink out of a branded Balmoral mug you know. Although the Balmoral is made from quality bone china, this promotional mug offers absolutely exceptional value for money.   If you have to have bone china, but you’re on a tight budget, then the promotional Balmoral bone china mug is for you. The printed Balmoral mug is actually one of my favourite branded mugs regardless of the cost. If you require a very… More

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Hour Glass Mug

We’ve had a few enquires about the branded Hour Glass Mug, which is one of my favourite promotional mugs. It must not be everyone’s cup of tea, as it’s not one of our top sellers. I thought this expensive looking bone china promotional mug may be too pricey, but it’s actually cheaper then I thought.   For example we quoted a chap on 504 of these printed hour glass mugs, and they work out at just £3.67 each + VAT.… More

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Branded Lid Mugs

A printed lid mug may not be everyone’s cup of tea so to speak, but for those looking for a novelty mug that can still be branded in a tasteful way, then the branded lidded mug is well worth considering.   I love the quirky appeal of the lidded mug that is bound to draw attention to itself, which means everyone’s attention will be focused on your brand too. The lidded mug is a quality promotional mug though,… More

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Why Bother With Bone China?

Bone China promotional mugs are more expensive then their ceramic cousins, so why would you bother to invest in them? Fine or Bone China is known for its combination of whiteness and strength. The pureness of the material enables a certain vibrancy of colour, giving a classy and contemporary look to your corporate mugs. While it’s strength means elegant tapered edges can be created.   If your business can’t stretch to giving these printed bone china mugs out for… More