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Coffee and productivity go hand in hand

Keeping the workday at the office running smoothly can be a challenge; for many people, the ins and outs of running a business can take its toll on the morale and productivity of employees. However, there is a surprisingly easy way to help things along when you hit that mid-week slump. Recent research indicates that supplying employees with a free coffee service can help to improve the overall productivity of the office, as well as employee satisfaction. Today, many businesses… More

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Star-buck up your ideas when throwing away cups

Coffee shops up and down the country have been urged to take action when it comes to their takeaway coffee cups. According to a Which? study, consumers are confused when facing the difficult task of disposing their takeaway cup efficiently. The issue is resulting in an estimated 2.5 billion cups being thrown away every year.   So what’s the problem? Most of the takeaway cups offered by Coffee shops are only 95% paper. The other 5% is made of polyethylene, a thin… More

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Posh Coffee on the up!

It would seem that people’s opinion of coffee choice is most certainly increasing. Recent research has shown that 38% of 3000 respondents to a survey carried out by coffee roaster Matthew Algie, listed quality as their most important criterion when choosing a shop, with nearly half preferring fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. According to the survey, 27% of coffee drinkers prefer Latte, now Britain’s preferred closely followed by Cappuccino at 22%.   Not being a big coffee drinker myself, it… More

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Barista Championships 2011

When you receive your promotional Cambridge mug from The Mugstore, do you start juggling it around the room, rather than simply putting a tea bag in? If so, then you may be interested to know that the organisers of the UK Barista Championships have announced that entries are now open for the 2011 competition.   The championships aim to find the nation’s top barista, with regional heats held throughout the country in January and February and the final held at the… More

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Fizzy Drinks Blasted

A staggering proportion of consumers associate fizzy drinks with severe health problems such as obesity, a new report have revealed. Some one in four adults in the UK believe that carbonated drinks are one of the main causes of obesity while nearly three-quarters claim that they are bad for your teeth, according to the YouGov Sixth Sense study. Commenting on the findings, research director for YouGov Sixth Sense James McCoy said: “The perceived health risks related to soft drinks are,… More

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Costa Coffee Booming

Costa Coffee will open the first of its planned Metropolitan stores in London today, as it looks to lure city workers with its latest design of outlets. The new design, which includes exposed brick and express till areas, marks a departure for the company, which is looking to replicate the success it has achieved outside metropolitan areas. The Costa Coffee Metropolitan stores will have a focus on speed of service for customers in a hurry. The first store on Great… More

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ASA Rule Over Starbucks

  In the ultra-competitive oligopoly of the coffee world, Costa Coffee has gone one up against Starbucks ,after the rival coffee chain’s complaint to the advertising watchdog about Costa’s provocative ‘7 out of 10 coffee lovers prefer Costa’, campaign was rejected.   The Advertising Standards Authority ruled in Costa’s favour, after carrying out an investigation into the ad campaign which debuted in March last year. Starbucks had complained that the ads’ headlines “Starbucks Drinkers Prefer Costa” and “7 out of 10 Coffee… More

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Grean Tea Gets Green Light

Tetley has announced that its Green Tea line has achieved number one status in the retail market for the first time after claiming a 30.5% share. The green tea category is currently worth some £17m per annum and is rising at a rate of 12.7% MAT. Peter Haigh, brand development manager at Tetley for Out of Home, said: “Our blenders have an expertise in developing products that are particularly suited to the UK palate and as such we have helped to give… More

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Storm in a Tea Cup

A Devon farmer attempted to gain European protection for the term ‘Devon cream tea’, but residents of neighbouring Cornwall, claims that their county invented the concept.   Paul Winterton, who is general manager of Langage farm in Plymouth, claimed that he has the interests of customers at heart: I feel people are being short-changed…with an excellent food like the Devon cream tea, you need to know its origin.”   If he wins, only teas produced, processed or prepared in Devon could… More

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Put the Kettle On!

Been to Starbucks recently and seen a sign saying ‘Barista Wanted’? As you’ve probably guessed, they’re not looking for any part time legal advice, but someone to make the drinks! But what exactly does ‘Barista’ mean?   The word barista is from the Italian for a male or female “bartender”, who typically works behind a counter, serving both hot drinks (such as espresso), and cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, not a coffee-maker specifically.   The native plural in English is… More

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