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Posted: June 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Cafe Culture

ASA Rule Over Starbucks

  In the ultra-competitive oligopoly of the coffee world, Costa Coffee has gone one up against Starbucks ,after the rival coffee chain’s complaint to the advertising watchdog about Costa’s provocative ‘7 out of 10 coffee lovers prefer Costa’, campaign was rejected.   The Advertising Standards Authority ruled in Costa’s favour, after carrying out an investigation into the ad campaign which debuted in March last year. Starbucks had complained that the ads’ headlines “Starbucks Drinkers Prefer Costa” and “7 out of 10 Coffee… More

Posted: June 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Cafe Culture

Grean Tea Gets Green Light

Tetley has announced that its Green Tea line has achieved number one status in the retail market for the first time after claiming a 30.5% share. The green tea category is currently worth some £17m per annum and is rising at a rate of 12.7% MAT. Peter Haigh, brand development manager at Tetley for Out of Home, said: “Our blenders have an expertise in developing products that are particularly suited to the UK palate and as such we have helped to give… More

Posted: June 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Cafe Culture

Storm in a Tea Cup

A Devon farmer attempted to gain European protection for the term ‘Devon cream tea’, but residents of neighbouring Cornwall, claims that their county invented the concept.   Paul Winterton, who is general manager of Langage farm in Plymouth, claimed that he has the interests of customers at heart: I feel people are being short-changed…with an excellent food like the Devon cream tea, you need to know its origin.”   If he wins, only teas produced, processed or prepared in Devon could… More

Posted: June 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Printed Glassware

What's In Your Pint?

I tend to put beer in my pint glasses, but some people see the world differently and put other thing in them. Amphibian keepers at the Slimbridge Wetland Centre, Gloucestershire have raised eleven poison dart frogs in pint glasses, filled with, you guessed it, Red-bush tea.   The caffeine-free African tea contains fungus-beating antioxidants, according to amphibian keeper Jay Redmond. Mr Redmond said: “Every morning just before I made my cup of tea I made sure the tadpoles have had theirs… More

Posted: May 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Promotional Ceramic Mugs

Rollercoaster Mugs

We recently made some promotional mugs for Alton Towers, which everyone agreed came out really well. They went for dye sublimation Cambridge mugs, which seem to be our specialty at the moment. With this mind, it made me smile when I heard in The Mirror that thrill-seekers on Alton Towers’ new Th13teen rollercoaster are being given protective pants to stop embarrassing’ accidents on the ride. Theme parks bosses have taken the measure after ride hosts reported several ‘embarrassing’ incidents… More

Posted: May 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Printed Glassware

You Say Potato I Say So

Branded shot glasses are a fun promotional item, that are great if you’ve got a grown up brand with a mischievous side. If you’re looking for a large scale promotion, low cost branded shot glasses in vibrant colours will be ideal. If you want something more of a corporate gift, an engraved glass model will look great.   Vodka isn’t just for Russians you know, us Brits are getting into the spirit of things too. The British brand… More

Posted: May 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Printed Glassware

Mine's a Pint

                                      We supply a fair amount of branded pint glasses here, which make for excellent promotional items for pubs and alcoholic drink suppliers, as well as for sports teams too. We love fun promotional items, designed for people’s leisure time, and a quality branded pint glass is a great example.   If you have been known to frequent the occasional public house, you’ll be pleased to learn that Carling is sending vouchers offering a free pint to two million households… More

Posted: May 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Cafe Culture

Put the Kettle On!

Been to Starbucks recently and seen a sign saying ‘Barista Wanted’? As you’ve probably guessed, they’re not looking for any part time legal advice, but someone to make the drinks! But what exactly does ‘Barista’ mean?   The word barista is from the Italian for a male or female “bartender”, who typically works behind a counter, serving both hot drinks (such as espresso), and cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, not a coffee-maker specifically.   The native plural in English is… More

Posted: April 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Research

Even More Research

I’m starting to think that literally all scientists spend their time researching (e.g. guessing) tea and coffee for their potential medicinal qualities. I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much, as there at least proclaiming good news, as apparently dark brewed coffee can help stomach problems. The Med Guru says; People who were earlier forced to resist the much-desired morning coffee cup due to the fear of stomach pain can now have it without another thought, claimed the… More

Posted: April 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Cafe Culture

Starbucks Stronger Then Ever

Seattle based Starbucks has reported that year-on-year net earnings soared from $25m to $217m in its second quarter alone. Do you remember when we brought you the controversial news, they were to launch their own instant coffee? Well ‘Via’ as the coffee is known, has been a roaring success, with their sales figures speaking for themselves. Store sales in the UK grew by nearly 5% on the year, helped by the rise in users of its loyalty card. The group also… More

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