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Posted: June 2011 Author: Inder Brar Category: Tea & Coffee Facts, Scientific Research, Research

Perfect Cuppa

One of life’s greatest challenges is making the perfect cup of tea. Scientists have now revealed the mathematical formula for producing a spot on perfect cuppa. Researchers found the optimum brewing time is two minutes and the ideal amount of milk is 10ml. The perfect dring temperstaure of 60C (140F) is achieved six minutes later, but after 17 minutes and 30 seconds the tea will be past its best as it falls below 45C (113F).   The formula, created by scientist… More

Posted: April 2011 Author: Inder Brar Category: Tea & Coffee Marketing, Cafe Culture

Posh Coffee on the up!

It would seem that people’s opinion of coffee choice is most certainly increasing. Recent research has shown that 38% of 3000 respondents to a survey carried out by coffee roaster Matthew Algie, listed quality as their most important criterion when choosing a shop, with nearly half preferring fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. According to the survey, 27% of coffee drinkers prefer Latte, now Britain’s preferred closely followed by Cappuccino at 22%.   Not being a big coffee drinker myself, it… More

Posted: December 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Scientific Research

Sociable Tea Drinkers

Recent research found from the BBC site, shows British workers lose an average twenty four minutes a day getting tea and coffee, but should we really stop putting the kettle on for the sake of British business? Bill Gorman, chairman of the UK Tea Council thinks not,  “Tea drinkers are very sociable. It’s a caring thing to know how your colleagues take their tea. What are the pollsters saying? That we should just keep working at our desks with… More

Posted: December 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Cafe Culture

Barista Championships 2011

When you receive your promotional Cambridge mug from The Mugstore, do you start juggling it around the room, rather than simply putting a tea bag in? If so, then you may be interested to know that the organisers of the UK Barista Championships have announced that entries are now open for the 2011 competition.   The championships aim to find the nation’s top barista, with regional heats held throughout the country in January and February and the final held at the… More

Posted: December 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Tea & Coffee Facts

Tea Ceremonies

When you’re filling your promotional Sparta or Cambridge mug with tea, remember us Brits aren’t the only ones who take are seriously. Tea is Russia’s second favourite drink (behind you know what), and traditionally served in teapots or samovars - a Russian tea kettle.   In some areas they use three teapots that sit on top of each other to keep the tea warm. Often they are decorated with pictures from Russian folk stories and sometimes, they are… More

Posted: November 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: New Mugs

Brand Your Royal Mug

Since the arrival of television, Royal weddings have attracted enormous public attention, with millions of people all over the world watching in addition to the invited guests. In contrast, the marriage of the future King George V to Princess May of Teck (later Queen Mary) in 1893 in the Chapel Royal, St. James’s Palace, was a quiet affair: the chapel seats only 100. Since then everyone wants to know about royal weddings; why not promote your organisation with a royal branded… More

Posted: November 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Shooters, Spirits

By the Dram

Bruichladdich Octomore 02.2 Orpheus   The first nosing of this promising dram, was met with a reflex reaction similar to whiplash, as the first notes were reminiscent of being hit in the face by a fruit tart, drenched in Swan lighter fluid.   After picking myself up from the floor, I donned a pair of safety goggles and bravely dived in. Scents of burning peat bogs and industrial wastelands filled my nostrils, as the deep amber liquid reached my lips.   Smokey, meaty, red… More

Posted: July 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Cafe Culture

Fizzy Drinks Blasted

A staggering proportion of consumers associate fizzy drinks with severe health problems such as obesity, a new report have revealed. Some one in four adults in the UK believe that carbonated drinks are one of the main causes of obesity while nearly three-quarters claim that they are bad for your teeth, according to the YouGov Sixth Sense study. Commenting on the findings, research director for YouGov Sixth Sense James McCoy said: “The perceived health risks related to soft drinks are,… More

Posted: July 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Cafe Culture

Costa Coffee Booming

Costa Coffee will open the first of its planned Metropolitan stores in London today, as it looks to lure city workers with its latest design of outlets. The new design, which includes exposed brick and express till areas, marks a departure for the company, which is looking to replicate the success it has achieved outside metropolitan areas. The Costa Coffee Metropolitan stores will have a focus on speed of service for customers in a hurry. The first store on Great… More

Posted: July 2010 Author: Inder Brar Category: Promotional Dunking Material

Dunk Me

Bronte has unveiled two new biscuits, having taken its inspiration from two of the nation’s favourite biscuits – custard creams and bourbon creams.   Weighing 65g each, its Giant Custard Cream has a crumby biscuit base and top, filled with a creamy custard centre, while the Giant Bourbon Cream has all the features of a traditional bourbon with a full-on chocolaty filling.   Debbie Ballach, marketing manager for Bronte said; “This new format offers consumers something that little bit different. We are… More

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